I am happy to present to you a consolidated list of all the most requested cooking Tips for each and every post in TipTopHouzz

To remove the garlic skin quickly,soak the garlic in a bowl containg water and wait for 10 minutes and Now you can the garlic skin poppinout instantly.

To make a Tomato puree,add the tomatoes in the well boiled water for few minutes,peel the skin and then grind it

Photobucket For make a Fresh Pomegranate Juice,select the fruit as large sized,dark color, heavy in weight to gat more juicy.This Fruit can be kept in the refrigerator for a month.

persian cucmberFor making a Cucumber cocktail and any other Juice,choose the persian cucumber ,select the small size,fresh one,cut both edges ,before you prepare the Juice.

Natural Bread crumbs   If possible,use Natural dried bread crumbs for coating the patties rather than coloured bread crumbs.You may need to press the breadcrumbs on the patties to coat.