Basundhi,Easy Indian Sweet

Milk Basundhi is one of most favorite Indian sweet. This sweet is made by purely by milk, no other things are needed. You can try with this sweet to the Kids who get bored to drink milk.


 You get the satisfaction that a complete nutrients food given to your kids and also It is good for the pregnant women that who hates to have milk during their pregnancy. You just try this….
What do you need…Ready

1. 2 Cups Full cream milk
2. 2 tsp Corn Flour powder;dissolved in a little bit water/milk
3. 1/2 cup Sugar
4. 1 tsp Cardamon powder
5. Pepper;for garnishing
5. 1/2 cup grated Cashew, pista Nuts;for garnishing
6. Ghee-1 tsp
7. Salt-a pinch

Start, Camera, Action

1. Add a tea spoon ghee in a Heavy bottomed pan, pour the milk and boil it
   for 20 minutes.

2. Simmer for 2 minutes, you can see the milk cream(paladai) which seems
    like a plae yellow color floating on the top.

3. Take and collect them carefully with spatula & keep it in a separate bowl.

4. Again overboil the milk and simmer, save floating cream and repeat this
    process till the whole milk comes thick.

5. Now You just simmer the flame completely, add corn flour that is mixed
    with some water.

6. Now add the sugar as needed.

7. Add the saved cream and give a gentle stir from bottom.

8. Add cardomon power & some of the grated cashews, pista.

9. Cool it and enjoy.


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