Easy Mint Chutney

 Easy Mint Chutney........Go Green to your life

Mint Chutney is Indian spicy dip for all kinds of fried Appetizer like Samosas, Tandoori chicken, Kebabs, Papad, Panner Tikka, Paneer Tikki, Roti , as a nice Sandwich spread.

It is not even for this’ n that recipe, also it has a very good healing power of stomach aches, Mouth ulcer, stomach ulcer, soothing the digestive system. It has a power of removing the nicotine deposits in our body. By taking this kind of medicinal leaves as our partly side dish, we can get off toxins a little bit a day to lead a healthy and fresh Life ! Lets see how to make this recipe.

What do you Need? Ready

½ cup Mint Leaves
10 leaves Coriander Leaves
½ tsp Refined oil – ½ tsp
¼ cup grated fresh coconut
3 Small red onion; finely chopped
2 Green chilies
Garlic – a pinch
Ginger- a pinch
Lemon juice -1/2 tsp



1. Wash the mint leaves thoroughly with cold water.

2. In a Fry pan, add some oil, fry all the ingredients in a low flame and then add mint leaves and coconut at last(so that it keeps the green color).

3. Allow it to cool for a moment and grind them slowly.

4. At last add the lemon juice, little bit water for consistency and grind it once.

5. Now it’s ready to serve with samosas,Tandoori chicken,Paneer Tikka,Paneer Tikki and try it with more.


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