Online Food Order

CuisineHOUzz welcomes you with eid-mubarak whishes for the Indian Food Lovers!!!
An Excellent Online Indian Food Order can be done @CuisineHOUzz Food Order.

1.Chicken Briyani,Mutton Briyani,Tandoori chicken,Mutton Sukka varuval


1.Bulk Order for any occasions is acceptable.
2.Customers are requested to make their order before a day/10 hrs before.
3.The above mentioned charges may vary according to the quantity of the
particular order.The order can be delivered with a neat pack(microwave
3.Customers can order through phone and email and collect their Food orders
only from Our Place.
4.Customers are pleased to confirm their order before they recieve and cash
pay only is acceptable.

post your online food order to


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