Happy Diwali 2010 with Royal Dessert

Shahi Tukra(Emperor's morsel / Double ka meetha)truly a royal Indian dessert made with bread,saffron,sugar syrup,Rabri(condensed milk flavoured with cardomom pods),almonds.Shahi Tukra is a rich bread pudding garnished with nuts,dry fruits falvored with cardomom.It's simple and great recipe to make,when you are hurry to greet your friends and relatives.This recipe is the Mughlai Cuisine(south asian Cuisine),its name itself speaks of royalty,decadence and richness.

                   Shahi Tukra
 ingredients iconTHE MAKING PART 

  5 slices Bread
  4 tbsp Ghee/melted unsalted butter
  5 Pistachios, blanched and chopped
  5 Almonds, toasted and sliced
  5 raisins

Rabri Making

• 2 cups whole milk
• 3 Cardamom pods, crushed
Sugar syrup Making
• 1/4 cup Sugar
• 1/4 cup Water


  1. To prepare a Rabri(thick milk),Take a pan,heat the milk,add the cardomom pods,boil until it becomes 1/4 th quantity.
  2. Sugar Syrup: Meanwhile,Take a pan,add the water and sugar,stir the mixture to boil,simmer it for 10 minutes.
  3. Cut each slice of bread into 4 pieces.If it is a old bread,it works best for this dish.If it is a fresh bread,toast it for 10 minutes before fry it on the ghee.
  4. Take a pan,add the ghee/butter,heat it,place the bread over it,fry on both sides untill it turns into golden brown color,more crispier.
  5. Now arrange the ghee roasted bread on the serving plate,pour the sugar syrup evenly(pour less syrup) and the spread the rabri(Thickened milk),sprinkle all the nuts and fruits,saffron.
  6. Serve warm or cold with Batata Vada makes perfect combination.post your queries to havigaya@gmail.com


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