Homemade Instant Dry Gulab Jamun - Diwali Delights Dhamaka 2013

A Home-Fresh Dry Gulab Jamun is small milk solids balls fried in ghee and soaked in thick sugar syrup.Try this tested recipe using Full fat milk Powder to get real Restaurant/Indian Store bought sweet style taste within 30 minutes.

  pound iconThe Making Part
2 Cups  Full Fat Milk Powder(Nestle)
1/4 cup All purpose Flour(Maida)
1-2 tsp fine rava/Bombay rava/Semolina
A pinch Cooking Soda/Baking Soda
3-4 Tablespoon Full cream Milk
2 cup thick Sugar
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup Powdered Sugar(for Dressing)
Oil for Deep frying
A pinch Rose Essence
A pinch Elaichi Powder
1/4 cup Crushed Almonds

 preparinicon SHAPING TIME

1.Take a wide Bowl,Take a sieve,add Milk powder,All purpose flour,Baking soda altogether,sieve them over a bowl,(so that all the ingredient will be Incorporated properly)

2.Add a 2 tablespoon ghee and tablespoon of full cream milk over the ingredient,mix well like a though dough.cover it with a plastic wrap or lid for 10-15 minutes.

3.Now Its time to make a ball,apply some ghee on your palm,shape the dough into small balls by pressing at the middle firmly and roll it ,so that the ball won't break during frying and the shape is as you like.cover with a lid.


1.take a wide pan,add 2 cups of sugar,add 1/2 cup of water to immerse the sugar granules,in that way,you can make thick sting consistency more easily,add few drops of fresh lemon juice,so that it won't get caramelized on the sides soon.Add a pinch of rose essence,cardamon/elaichi powder
2.Keep low flame to make thick sugar syrup.To test the syrup,take a mixing spatula,touch the solution on your thumb,If it forms a thick string,then the syrup is ready and keep it warm.


1.On the other side,Take thick bottom frying pan,add one tablespoon ghee and enough oil to immerse the balls properly.
2.caution::::Keep the flame under medium hot,should not be over hot.
For example
If you throw the ball,it should be come up very slowly,this is the right temperature to fry the Jamuns,so that it will be soft in inner portion also.

3.Add 5-6 balls at time under medium flame,when you start to fry,all the balls will be bounced slowly,now move all the balls with the help of saptula in a circular motion.

Reason to move all the balls in a circular motion:
All the Balls will be fried evenly and brown in color


1.Now your all the  balls are ready to soak in the sugar syrup.
2.For Soaking,either the balls should be super hot,sugar syrup should be warm or sugar syrup has to be super hot,balls should be warm.The ball will absorb syrup both outside and inside.
3.Soak for 10-30 minutes.


1.Take out all the jamuns soaked in the sugar syrup,arrange each of them over a cupcake wrapper in a wide bowl.
2.Sprinkle powdered sugar and crushed almonds.

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