Instant Hard Mawa or Khoya Recipe Ver3(Hard Khoya or Batti ka Khoya by Freezing Method)

The Hard Mawa or Batti ka Khoya,an exotic enhancer for all kinds of Indian Milk Sweets like Ladoos and Burfis,It can be available in all Indian grocery stores.But Hard Mawa can be prepared at Home in jiffy by following method.Please check the anothe rmethod for Hard Mawa here

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                                                   METHOD 1 (By Steaming Method)
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METHOD 2(By Freezing Method)

ingredients iconTHE MAKING PART 

3 cups of good Quality Full cream milk powder /Not Fat Milk Powder (Nestle)
1/2 tin Evaporated Milk(sweetened /Unsweetened - Your choice)


1.Take a wide Bowl,add the milk powder,pour the evaporated milk little by little.
2.Start to Knead a Hard dough.
3.Divide the dough into two equal parts,make a ball.
4.wrap the each ball with plastic cover.
5. freeze them for 30-45 minutes.
6.take out the balls,wait for 5 minutes.
6.Take the Fine mesh or shred type Grater.
7.Shape it as you like to make sweets.

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