Instant Hard Mawa or Khoya Recipe Ver2(Hard Khoya or Batti ka Khoya by Steaming Method)

Mawa,is a Rich Milk solids used in almost all kinds of Indian,Pakistani Sweets.The  Khoya is also called as Mava, Mavo, Khoya, Khoa.The Real Mawa can be prepared in various methods and use it for wide range of Indian sweets for this Diwali.Please check the another method for making Khoya here.


ingredients iconTHE MAKING PART
2 cup Milk Powder(Full fat/Non Fat)
4 tablespoon of Evaporated milk or Thick Full cream milk
Thin muslin cloth/cheese cloth
metal sieve /metal rack
steamer/ cooker
Grater (Fine mesh / shredded mesh)


1.In a Bowl,Knead the both Milk powder and evaporated or full cream milk until becomes thick dough like roti(it should be super stiff)

2.Place the stiff dough on the cheese cloth and roll it over the dough evenly,place it on a metal sieve/rack.

3.Take the Double boiler/steamer/Pressure cooker,pour 2 cups of water,allow to boil,place the metal sieve over the cooker,close the lid
4.Allow to steam for 10-15 minutes,Stop the fire,Takeout the dough carefully,it will be super hot,Bring-down to cool.
5.Grate the dough and shape it for various Indian Sweets like Gulab Jamun,Milk Halwa,Kajar Ka Halwa,Basundhi,Paneer Kheer,Pedas.

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