Home Made Paneer Step by Step Making Guide

Home Made Paneer is the Indian cottage cheese,good protein,calcium rich source that can be easily made at home itself.The visual recipe and slide show is for you to make the panner  quickly and easily.I want to dedicate this recipe making guide to my Lovely sister Thenu.

                           home mde paneer

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step 1 Bring Boil Milk for 15 minutesStep2 Reduce the heat and add lemon juice to it while continuously stirring.Step 3 Milk will start curdlingstep 4 Keep stirring until the curdling process is complete.Step 5 Strain through a cheese cloth. Wait for it to cool a little.Step 6 Gather the cloth with curd, squeeze out all water, tie a knot and hang it for 15 minutes.Step 7 Keep a heavy object on top of it for 3 hours.Step 8 After 3 hours, take it out from the bundle.Shape it.Hurray !!! Your Home Made Paneer Operation is Over !!!               

Home made Paneer Making Slideshow for my Lovable sister Thenu
ingredients iconMAKING PART

1 litre Milk (use the milk with 4.5 % fat to get 200 gms of paneer)
2 tsp Fresh Lemon juice(should be dissolved in a 1/2 cup of hot water)
cheese/muslin cloth


1. Take the silver Bottomed Vessel,bring the milk to boil atleast for 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Now reduce the heat and add lemon juice (mixed with hot water) and stir continuously.
3. Milk will start to curdle once you add the lemon juice.
4. Keep stirring continuously until the milk curdles completely.
5. Strain the curdled milk through cheese or muslin cloth and wait for a minute to cool(wait for only 2 minutes)
6. Make a Knot on the cheese cloth with the milk curd,squeeze out all the whey water,hang it for 15 minutes to drain it throughly.
7. Keep a heavy object on top of it and wait for 3 hours. (you can use the pressure cooker filled with water).
8. After 3 hours, shape the panner as you like it and you paneer is ready to make your lovely recipes.
9.You can store it in an air tight container in the refrigerator.(you can preserve it for a week).


1. you should drianout the whey water completely to avoid crumbles on panner.
2.The paneer should be dissloved with a water to preserve it in a refridgertor.

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