How To Make Teh Tarik,Malaysian Pulled Tea

Teh Tarik (Teh means Tea and Tarik means Pull in English),Pulled Tea is a popular and favorite drink among Malaysians. The making way of this drink is like a Indian tea making, that is transferring the tea from one container to another at higher position( like pulling the Tea).By using this kind of technique, you can get the lighter, tasty, foamy texture of perfect Tea.

                       Teh Tarik

ingredients iconTHE MAKING PART

1.     4 tsp. Tea Powder
2.     5 tsp. Condensed Milk
3.     ½ cup Boiling
4.     2 tsp. sugar
5.     2 Cardamom (for aroma)

Making of Teh Tarik


  1. Take a Boiling container, pour a glass of water, add the tea powder and cardamom and allow them to boil well in a reduced flame.
  2. After that filter the tea in the container, add the condensed milk, sugar, take another container to pull the tea (as shown in the picture).
  3. Confirm that one of the containers is much higher than the other one. Then only you get the foamy texture.
  4. Repeat the process at least for 3 times to get the tea as a foamy texture.
  5. Enjoy with the kaya Bread.
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