How to Maintain Real Milk Kefir Starter Culture at Home

The Real Cultured Milk Kefir Grains are very gentle to takecare after you purchasing them.This Video explain clearly about how to maintain and help them to grow in a proper way.

                                                                   YOUTUBE VIDEO

Please send queries or doubts while making kefir yogurt at Home.please use comment section below this page for any queries and suggestions.

Posted by: Gayu
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Hi Gayu!

I just had 2 quick questions about it:

1. Do you use warm milk or is room temperature good?
2. Can I make a new batch right after I strained the previous one? Or should the bacteria need a rest?

Thanks! Can't wait to see how my first kefir turns out! :-)

Hi Olya,
Here is your Answers for your two Questions.

A1:Usually It is recommended to keep the store bought Fresh milk at Room Temperature before using to make Kefir.If you are using Raw Unpasteurized Milk from the Farmers,Try to boil the milk under low flame for 10-15 minutes.Take off milk from the stove,add the milk under luke warm that all the unwanted bacteria will die during boiling the raw milk.

A2:Yes,You can proceed for the next batch of making kefir with strained kefir grains(previous batch)directly.The white babies will wait for your food after you takeoff from the Fermentation.Keep feeding it,Have a Happy and Healthy Drink.Thank you.

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