Instant Mini Milk Pedas|Milk Fudge(Doodh Pedas/Khoya Pedas)

Milk Pedas/Doodh Pedas is simple,super easy sweet,blended with milk cream, cardamom powder with ghee.Its very popular in India and Pakistan.Its very longer process when you use the full cream fresh milk.I tested with lots of time to find-out the exact short-cut for this yummy treat.Please check this link to make Homemade Condensed milk with cost effictive.Finally I got it.Please Try this recipe and don't forget to drop me  a comment.


ingredients iconTHE MAKING PART

1 Can/14 oz.Nestle/F&N evaporated milk
2 cups nestle milk powder
1 tsp cardamom powder
25 gm unsalted Butter stick
2 tablespn Ghee(to knead a pedas)


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Step 1
Heat the nonstick heavy bottomed pan,add the Condensed milk with butter,stir continuously  until it reduce into semi-solid liquid(should be under very low flame).

Step 2
Add the Milk Powder and cardamom powder,Stir well with the mixture for 2-3 minutes.It will form like a koya/mawa.Transfer it to the clean bowl,after it reduced like a thick kova,blend it thoroughly.

Step 3

cover the bowl with plastic sheet or closing lid. store it i.the refrigerate for about 20 minutes,take it out and apply some ghee on your  both palms.

Step 4
Now start to make a small ball and press on the middle,decorate with chopped pistachios,cashews,almonds.

Your yummy,healthy recipes are ready to serve for your guest friends.

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